Suitsupply SF

The good fellas over at Suitsupply have finally opened up a store in San Francisco! It’s great ‘cuz I have always loved their suits and, uh, supplies, but it was hard for me to order something of theirs online without first trying it on. So now I can try their stuff out in person.

Anyway, back on Thursday the Suitsupply guys held their grand opening party, and they were gracious enough to extend me an invite (can’t imagine why they would, but hey I’m not complaining). So I brought some homies with me and checked it out.

My chest was super stoked to be there, as you can plainly see.

Right off the bat I was overwhelmed by the number of well-dressed guys and gals there. Also I knew practically no one there. So I spent a good deal of time looking around and being awkward and overwhelmed. Like, damn, I felt out of my league.

But then my chest came across a familiar face: that of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown!

Pardon the Asian flush. I was just kinda giddy to meet the guy.

He didn’t recognize me.

Oh, also I came across the chests of San Francisco cool guys Brian (@imchanism) and Patrick (@_pmoody_)! Always great to catch up with them.

Oh and there was one more cool guy I met while I was there: Nish de Gruiter, VP of Suitsupply.

By “met”, of course I mean awkwardly asked to take a photo of.

The guy really knows his suit game. Dug his suit and the black knit tie to go with it.

All-in-all, great people, great menswear, great times. Thanks again to Suitsupply for letting my awkward ass join in on the celebration. Can’t wait to get my chest into one of their suits.

Author: rainierjonn

Just a grown-ass man who likes to play dress-up. A little bit about fatherhood, a little bit about tech, and a whole lot about chest steeze.

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