Squaring is Caring

Can’t have too many of ’em. Pocket squares are the easiest way to inject color into my outfit without being too loud.

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Pocket square? What pocket square?

This chestie above is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Here, I’ve got the whole tonal thing going on with the all brown, but then I inject a bit more color into the outfit with the camo pocket square.

Now imagine if I wore the same outfit, except with the solid shirt swapped with the camo on the pocket square. That camo shirt would be a little too loud, wouldn’t you say?

2016-03-18 12.28.09 1.jpg
The “RP” stands for “Really Pretty”.

Pocket squares are even cooler when you get them embroidered with your initials, like the square in this chestie above. Embroidered pocket squares say “Hey, this square is mine. I pay attention to little details like this.” It’s also a really cool thing to hand down to your kids. People will be all like, “Sweet square! What does the ‘RP’ stand for?” and they can be all like, “It belonged to my dad” and they can even hand it down to their kids and stuff as well.

Big ups to the fine fellows at O’Harrow Clothiers for the embroidered squares, by the way. All those squares in that big grid-o-squares up top are from O’Harrow, as well.